Bulent Aydogan, Ph.D

Associate Professor of Radiation and Cellular Oncology

Research Summary

Dr. Aydogan's research specifically relates to tumor tracking and targeting in realtime, development and implementation of Total Marrow Irradiation techniques for the treatment of advanced hematological malignancies in adult and pediatric patients, bone marrow sparing IMRT in malignancies contained in pelvic region, development of localization and immobilization techniques, image guided brachytherapy applications in GYN cancers, and measurement and characterization of 3D dynamic therapy dose distribution. He has dedicated his career to investigating these issues in order to improve the quality of cancer care. 

Currently, he has one active clinical trial entitled "Intensity Modulated Total Marrow Irradiation (IM-TMI) for Advanced Hematologic Malignancies," as well as two under preparation. Dr. Aydogan also serves as principal investigator for active grants funded by Argonne National Laboratory and Varian Medical Systems. 

Because of his research accomplishments, Dr. Aydogan has been invited to give oral presentations at over 15 conferences, and he has had multiple peer-reviewed publications and abstracts published. In addition, his expertise has led to his contribution to several medical physics textbooks, including IGRT: A Clinical Perspective.


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