Rodney Wiersma, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Radiation and Cellular Oncology

Research Summary

Dr. Wiersma's research is primarily focused on real-time image guided methods for improving the clinical outcome of radiation therapy with an emphasis on real-time organ motion tracking using on board LINAC MV and kV radiation imaging systems, molecular imaging and organ motion tracking techniques using iron oxided nano-particles, and electronic portal imaging devices for tracking. He has served as principal investigator on two extramural grants, the most recent being a project entitled "Dynamically adaptive kV aperture for lowdose realtime prostate motion tracking during radiation therapy by combined MV-kV imaging" funded by the Cancer Research Foundation (CRF).

In addition to these activities, Dr. Wiersma has published several articles, book chapters, and abstracts. He has also been invited to give oral presentations throughout the country, including the American Association for Physicists in Medicine annual meeting and Stanford University.  While maintaining a high-level of research productivity, Dr. Wiersma also teaches and mentors students at the graduate and undergraduate levels. 


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